Interface projects


Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 4,000 m²

Products used

  • Equilibrium
“Certification was not the challenge we had to set ourselves. The primary objective was to construct a resource-efficient, environmentally compatible and cost-effective building with high user comfort.”
Peter Kuhn, Architect

VILEDA head office in Weinheim Resource efficient, environmentally compatible and cost effective

The office building of Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte KG in Weinheim, better known by the brand name VILEDA, is one of the first projects to be certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB) in January 2009. It uses a wide variety of technologies in order to conserve resources and, therefore, also energy.

The materials used have played an important role in this. Preference was given to materials which are particularly compatible with health and the environment. Around 4,000 square metres of usable space were covered with Interface carpet tiles. With a focus on the elements of user comfort and energy efficiency, the building received the DGNB Silver Award.

The building project was won through a competition and was managed from the winning idea through to completion by the planning office of BAURCONSULT Architects + Engineers, who collaborated closely and intensively in a team around the architect Peter Kuhn. However, the DGNB seal was not the original aim of the architects.

A key aspect in achieving this goal was the use of natural and ecologically sustainable materials. Aspects of physiological comfort also played a role in this, to ensure the employees have a comfortable, communicative workplace where they feel good.

This eventually led to the decision to use a textile floor covering: “We therefore used carpeting in the usage units, because even at the competition stage it was characterised by the idea of ‘a new home for Vileda’.

With this in mind, aspects of physiological comfort were important and people should feel good there. Another technical characteristic was the creation of comfortable room acoustics,” is the way Peter Kuhn explained the decision taken by the team of architects.

“The primary objective was to construct a resource-efficient, environmentally compatible and costeffective building with high user comfort.”
Peter Kuhn, Architect

In the offices and conference rooms, and in the connecting corridor areas, the positive qualities of the “Equilibrium” carpet tiles from Interface came into effect. They made a key contribution to exceptional visual, acoustic and thermal quality in the building.

The loop carpeting with a linear texture – made 100 per cent from solution-dyed nylon – suits the design-orientated interior of the office building and positively affects its cost effectiveness and user comfort. In the offices and connecting corridor areas, the floors are light grey and suit the simple, elegant look.

Predominant colours are grey, grey-blue and white. The light, friendly atmosphere is maintained by glass dividing walls and wide traffic zones. The conference rooms next to the atrium on the ground floor have the same quality of anthracite grey carpet tiles on the floor.

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