Interface projects

St Johns Accomodation

Project specifications

Location: United Kingdom
Installation m²: 9,000 m²

Design services: Concept Designer

Products used

  • Urban Retreat Grass Flax
  • sabi-ii
  • vintage
“As the development was set to be part of the university’s higher-end accommodation, the design needed to have a more luxurious feel. Our Urban Retreat range was the perfect choice and helped to create an entrance that was more reminiscent of a hotel than halls of residence, and the bright and bold colours of the Sabi II collection complemented the fun design scheme.”
Mark Linieres, Account Manager - Interface

Interface And Dulux Trade Help Put Students On Track At St John’s Halls

Interface, global modular flooring manufacturer, and Dulux Trade, leading paint manufacturer, were  enlisted to help to bring to life the industrial inspired  design of a new city-based student accommodation block built by Kier Construction for the University of  Northampton.

Built on the site of a former railway turntable, the  interior design of the student accommodation block  draws inspiration from its railway heritage. The highend  halls of residence house around 470 students  in flats of varying sizes, featuring en-suite bedrooms  and communal kitchen and living spaces. Marketed  as deluxe accommodation, it was important for the  interior décor and furnishings to have a high quality  and long lasting finish, which was why both Interface  and Dulux Trade were chosen for the project.

“St John’s Hall is in an area of central Northampton steeped in local history but which is currently undergoing regeneration and we really wanted to reflect both the historic and contemporary elements in the design”
Lisa Pilley, Colour Designer - Dulux Trade

The brief was to create a design scheme that reflected  the historic context of the build with the addition  of a contemporary twist, and therefore the Dulux  Trade neutral paint colours were complemented with  Interface’s vibrant Sabi II collection in the corridors in  contrasting red, blue and green patterns.

To create an impact in the reception and seating  areas, products from Interface’s nature-inspired Urban  Retreat range were used to echo the earthy notes of  the paint colour scheme and provide an eye-catching  and hardwearing surface at the building’s entrance.

Senior Colour Designer at Dulux Trade, Lisa Pilley, was involved in the design process from working on initial sketches of the project to devising a unique colour scheme to capture the essence of the project’s historic location. Using neutral tones for the paint, the interiors were inspired by the exterior of the building, to ensure a consistent feel through the design.

“The palette of earthy tones reminiscent of the site’s industrial past, with accents of fresher, contemporary shades, ensured we’ve been able to bring elements of the old and the new together to create a fantastic environment for student to live and study.”
Lisa Pilley, Colour Designer - Dulux Trade

Throughout the building’s entrance and corridor spaces, which experience the highest levels of traffic, Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell was used in a mixture of neutral tones, alongside more vibrant shades on several feature walls to add a splash of colour. Diamond Eggshell was used throughout as it offers a high level of durability and stain resistance. The communal living areas of the flats are equally vibrant, using a combination of purple, blue and green shades to accentuate key walls and features.

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