Interface projects

Schmucker & Partner

Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 1,500 m²

Sustainable services: TacTiles™

Products used

  • Urban Retreat Grass Flax

The way to combine ambitious sustainability objectives, modern design and the preservation of historical architecture can be seen in Speicher 7, on the banks of the Rhine. A revitalisation project included a comprehensive energy-related renovation, whilst broadly preserving the industrial heritage. Now the building, clad in COR-TEN steel, accommodates restaurants, offices and a hotel. The architectural practice of Schmucker & Partner has its generouslysized offices on the top floor with views over the city and the Rhine. Interface’s Urban Retreat One range accentuates the open design of the office space. Structures with soft edges reminiscent of grass and straw harmonise with the concrete and wooden elements of the warehouse: an office that opens up lots of space for thinking, planning and communicating.

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