Interface projects

Santander Consumer Bank

Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 15,000 m²

Products used

  • Palette 2000 Chilli
  • Common Ground

HPP developed the design, town planning, landscape design and building design for Santander. The organisation’s culture was the common theme throughout all areas, outside as well as inside.

Adapting the atrium
Positioned in a development area that required planning permission, the magnificently laid out park defines the premises for the Santander Consumer Bank in Mönchengladbach. Nestled within it, the four-storey complex of buildings soars up out of the grounds. The architects from HPP have broken up the the huge structures using offset shapes, surfaces that join into each other and glassy façades. The result is an urban structure which permits unusual views and opens up new perspectives on a daily basis. Completely in keeping with the Spanish building owners, who bring mobility, creativity and communication to their entrepreneurial ideas.

Bold methods
A completely new concept for work content and procedures forms the core of the company’s head office. This global financial services provider wanted to organise its business to make it faster, better and more individually-focused. Top class strategists, planners and manufacturers came together to make a development team that created an extraordinary working environment.

Lean Layout
The open plan office with 80 work spaces has become an individual place for the varied daily work activities. Because it is no longer the location that is individual, as in traditional office layouts, but the activity. The open plan workstations in each area of the building complex complement specifically allocated individual offices. Here you can begin to understand what was promised by the team of experts – optimisation of the floor space to make economic sense, combined with an increase in work intensity and communication.

Floor covering by Interface
The red carpeting throughout creates a lively mood (product:Equilibrium from Interface, a total of approx. 15,000 sq m) and red accents on the furniture – the Santander corporate colour adds an element of Mediterranean atmosphere to the black and white world of the office. A design highlight of the head office is the way all the elements in the ground floor office landscape – waiting areas, coffee, snacks and restaurant – blend into each other.

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