Interface projects

ROC Zeeland

Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 6,500 m²

Products used

  • Chenille Warp
  • Heuga 580

ROC Zeeland is an institution for mid-level professional training (‘mbo’) and adult education. The organisation has nine locations, all over the province of Zeeland, in The Netherlands. The new office building in Middelburg has been in use since January 2010. Around 2,000 students follow training courses here in Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Management or Administration.

Interface carpet tiles were installed in almost the entire building, except for the rooms used for restaurant activities. This brand new location was built to match a new teaching approach. This means that there are a lot of open spaces and fewer enclosed rooms. ‘The open spaces are used for multiple purposes and so they need to be able to be set up for multiple functions. Reducing noise is an extremely important factor, people must not be overwhelmed by each other.

“The good acoustic properties of the carpet fit in perfectly with this design.”
Mr Van den Adel, Facilities Manager, ROC

The good acoustic properties of the carpet fit in perfectly with this design. This is actually one of the most important reasons for choosing a soft floor,’ explains Mr Van den Adel, Facilities Manager at ROC Zeeland and chairman of the steering committee for building projects. ‘We have selected the carpet tiles because of their flexible and modular nature. It is simple to create attractive patterns and colours on the floor. We have done plenty of this and that can be seen throughout our school building. And, in addition, carpet tiles can easily be repaired whenever that becomes necessary. Carpet tiles are easily replaced without having to remove a large area of the carpet. Simple and cost-effective.’ ‘Interface has been a regular partner for many years, and we have worked together very pleasantly.

These good experiences and the fact that they are a leading sustainable company made it an easy choice to opt for Interface’s carpet tiles. Many sustainable materials are used in our school, and Interface’s aims and the quality of their products connect perfectly with this. The choice has been made in consultation with Interface and the project designer. The architect went to work with these products and eventually came up with the colour advice,’ says the Facility Manager.

A better indoor climate
‘It is nice to find out that we get the least maintenance complaints in this building. A common complaint in our other locations is clouds of dust swirling around. In this building, that is not a problem at all.

Because the carpet retains the dust, making it easy to vacuum it up. The dust has no chance to go around, swirling up in the air. This is a positive contribution to the internal air quality in our school building. Our good experience and the positive reactions we now have to the carpet tiles have led us to the point where we will certainly consider carpet tiles for future renovation projects and new building projects. Its major acoustic advantages, its easy maintenance and the comfortable atmosphere it creates are important factors that make a positive contribution to the welfare of our students and staff. The perception lingers from the past that laying a hard floor is more hygienic and easier to maintain. We have now seen the opposite from our own experience’, says a satisfied Mr Van den Adel.

Middelburg_ROC Zeeland_Chenille Warp_1
Middelburg_ROC Zeeland_Chenille Warp_H580_8
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