Interface projects


Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 4,100 m²

Products used

  • Chenille Warp - Flash Back
  • Transformation, Wadi
  • Assur - Eufrate, Alepo
“Sustainability is a key part of how we do business. This is one of the main reasons we were drawn to Interface.”
Nienke van de Lune, Architect, Movares

The transformation of four major railway stations into well-oiled transport hubs. The design of a new generation of electricity pylons. The development of a sustainable certification system for the Dutch Green Building Council. These are just some of the many innovative projects independent engineering consultancy Movares is responsible for. Founded in 1995, the company has evolved from the railway specialist formerly known as Holland Railconsult into the burgeoning, multi-disciplined European business it is today, with expertise in infrastructure, public transport, mobility, power, waterways and urban development.

The name Movares comes from the Latin movere, meaning to move, and moving with the times is exactly what the company is aiming to do with its latest design initiative. This six-month refurbishment project will see the transformation of Movares’ headquarters in Utrecht, where the vast majority of its 1,100-strong workforce are based, into an open, airy, flexible space fit for the future.

Movares’ decision to upgrade its office was driven by a desire to accommodate a new, more collaborative way of working that the business had been trialling over the last few years. Originally the workspace had been divided up into a series of small offices for one or two people, as was typical in the 80s when the building was constructed. However, Movares’ vision was to create an altogether more open plan feel, removing walls and using patterned and textured carpet tiles to define specific areas within the office.

According to Nienke van de Lune, the architect at Movares heading up the redesign, “It is really important for us to create the right environment for our people – one where they feel at ease and that supports the way they want to work. This is key to ensuring that our people are happy and that they
feel inspired to keep on innovating for our clients.”

Movares is very aware of its impact on the environment, and cites sustainability as one of its core values, so it comes as no surprise that this was an important consideration in the new-look office. The starting point for the refurbishment was the company’s existing dark blue Equilibrium tiles. These were cleaned and used as a backdrop for the new design, to which a variety of new tiles in complementary colours were added to update the flooring and breathe new life into the space.

“It is amazing to think what a difference we’ve been able to make simply by adding new coloured and textured tiles to our existing flooring.”
Nienke van de Lune, Architect, Movares

When complete, the redesigned office will consist of three distinct work zones – each dedicated to a different specialist area within the business and with its own colour concept and style of flooring. Transformation carpet tiles in a brighter shade will be used to accentuate a closed conference room with glass walls, while specific areas in the open space will be highlighted using a pattern of stripes with a variety of textures.

According to Nienke, “It is amazing to think what a difference we’ve been able to make simply by adding new coloured and textured tiles to our existing flooring. Some of the directors weren’t too sure about taking this approach to begin with but they now agree that it is like having a brand new floor and a brand new look at a fraction of the cost!”

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