Interface projects

Moerdijk Municipality

Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 5,000 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®, ReEntry®

Other services: Renovisions®

Products used

  • Transformation
  • Heuga 568

The Moerdijk municipality is located in Zevenbergen, The Netherlands, where five communities have been merged under one roof. The town hall, designed by AGS Architekten, was first occupied in 1999 and houses 250 employees. Openness and transparency is what the whole building is about.

Carpet tiles: modular, flexible and peaceful “In this town hall, we work in open-plan offices. This means large, open, transparent environments where a lot of people are sitting in one room. Good acoustics are of great importance, and carpet makes sure that the noise levels do not become unbearable. One of the most important reasons for choosing carpet. In addition, throughout the building we have raised floors, with cables running under the floor. Because we regularly need access under the floor, it is important for us to have a floor covering which is modular. Carpet tiles are very flexible and they are easy to lift.”, says Mr Van Rosmalen, Team Leader Facilities Management.

“Good acoustics are of great importance, and carpet makes sure that the noise levels do not become unbearable.”
Mr Van Rosmalen, Team Leader Facilities Management

Not just a carpet, but a complete package of services
The Moerdijk municipality made full use of Interface’s services. ‘We like talking about the design service. They really listened to our requests. The design is a perfect interpretation of these, and the advice we were given made us really enthusiastic about the current choice of product.

The random design works ideally, we do not need to worry which direction tiles are laid, and it is easy to make adjustments afterwards. The carpet retains dirt and is easy to maintain. “To install the carpet tiles we used the Renovisions service of interface. This furniture lifting system makes sure that office furniture is raised while the installation takes place so that the carpet tiles below them can easily be replaced. This saved us a huge amount of time and effort. Everything stayed where it was, none of the open-plan offices had to be emptied and staff could continue working normally. A fantastic service!”, according to the Team Leader for Facilities Management. “In the area of sustainable procurement, Interface is a very valid partner. The carpet tiles which are removed are collected by the ReEntry service and reprocessed to make new carpets. In addition, the new carpet is delivered with Cool Carpet, all CO2 output released throughout its entire life is compensated. From every point of view, our expectations were met and we are a very satisfied customer”, says Mr Van Rosmalen.

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