Interface projects

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 3,000 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®, ReEntry®

Products used

  • Equilibrium
  • Key Features
  • Palette 2000

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs defends the interests of the kingdom of the Netherlands overseas, and since 1985 it has been housed in a building at Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague. This trapeze shaped building has been designed by Prof. Dirk Cornelis Apon. A total of 2,600 people work in the building.

From a price-benefit point of view, carpet tiles are more attractive “Interface carpet tiles have been laid in almost the whole building. Interface won a tender a while back, which is when we came into contact with them. Our experience with Interface has been good, the carpet is high quality and it has now been in use in various places in the building for a good twelve years. After all those years it still looks good and stylish.” Sustainability and the environment played a large role for us in the decision-making process. We place strict requirements on all our suppliers in this area, and we expect an innovative attitude. Interface, with its ‘Mission Zero’ targets, aligns perfectly with the ministry’s sustainable procurement policy.

“The products installed in the meeting centre were supplied together with Cool Carpet. In this way, we can be sure of a carpet without any CO2 emissions. Also, ReEntry has been applied, the old carpet has been collected to be reused in an environmentally-friendly way”, explains Mr Ruyters, Head of Buildings. ‘From a price/benefit point of view, carpet tiles are a lot more attractive’

“Maintenance is rapid and simple and a carpet tile floor can be replaced a lot more quickly than a hard floor.”
Mr Ruyters, Head of Buildings

“Every year, around 5% of the floor coverings in this building are replaced to make sure that the carpet stays attractive for a longer time and hence lasts longer. This works really well. Previously we had carpet running the width of the room, but then we automatically had to replace several metres at a time, which incurred unnecessarily high costs. With carpet tiles you can simply replace parts locally. The wide choice of colours and textures also means that there is a wide variety of combinations available.” “And, in addition, a floor with carpet tiles is a lot more attractive from a price/benefit point of view. Maintenance is rapid and simple and a carpet tile floor can be replaced a lot more quickly than a hard floor. Recently, we renovated the foyer and the meeting room centre. Because we used carpet tiles, this was done within a week and the rooms could quickly be put back into use”, explains Mr Ruyters.

Carpet tiles: creative and flexible
The Van Kleffen room shows that many options are possible with carpet tiles in terms of creativity and design. In 2009, Interface once more supplied the carpet for these rooms. In the most recent design, a simple globe was cut into the carpet, with a stunning result. This charming installation project was carried out by Interwabo.

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