Interface projects


Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 95,632 m²

Sustainable services: ReEntry®, TacTiles™

Products used

  • Monochrome - Blue
  • Common Ground
“During the installation, the innovative furniture lift and repositioning system, Renovisions was also used. With this system, carpet can be replaced very quickly and it is not necessary to move all of the furniture out of the room.”

KAS BANK, a new beginning

KAS BANK, founded in 1806, has recently  consolidated its two offices by relocating to a  single building in Amsterdam – the beautiful  Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal building.

“Moving from two locations to a single location  wasn’t easy. Suddenly there are an additional 300  people in the same building”, says Dennis White,  Planner/Coordinator Facility Services KAS BANK.  The change led to the need for major renovations  in the building and as it had a significant impact  on staff, advisory groups were formed as part of  the ‘KAS BANK United’ project. These advisory  groups provided input on the features, materials  and colours to be used.

The original carpet flooring, sourced from a  different supplier 10 years ago, was in need  of replacement. Due to the positive experience  with Interface’s carpet in KAS BANK’s other  building, as well as the excellent value for money  and Interface’s sustainability approach, KAS  BANK once again opted for Interface’s modular  carpet. “Within our organisation much is done on  sustainability, for instance we have LED lighting  everywhere and we separate our waste. This is  also the reason why we decided to go with the  ReEntry® programme offered by Interface. Under  this initiative, Interface took the other supplier’s  old carpet to be either reused or recycled  responsibly,” says Paul Stolk, Head of Facility  Management KAS BANK.

Interface’s Concept Designer produced a number  of floor plans for the advisory group to choose  from. The floor plan using the Common Ground  collection in various custom-made colours  and shapes was the most appealing and was  implemented by the Erkamp project service. A  particular colour was selected for each floor:  green, blue, red or purple, and a certain pattern  such as straight lines, wavy lines, quadrilaterals  or spheres. All colours are used in combination  with different shades of grey, which ensures that  although each floor is different, the entire building  maintains a uniform look and feel. “The floors that  were still empty were done first, and the carpet  was often installed in the evening. In this way  there was minimal disruption and we were able  to continue working”, says Paul Van Stolk. During  the installation, the innovative furniture lift and  repositioning system, Renovisions was also used.  With this system, carpet can be replaced very  quickly and it is not necessary to move all of the  furniture out of the room.

From April this year, all employees will be working  in this building. This is not only new for the  employees, but also for the culture within KAS  BANK, which has completely changed; the open  format and the glass partitions mean the lines  of communication are shorter and the entire  organisation has become more transparent.  “Employees are very pleased with the refurbished  building. The openness and visual appearance are  a great success. The acoustics in the hallways,  in the elevator and in the offices are top notch.  Although there are another 300 people, it’s not

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