Interface projects


Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 1,500 m²

Products used

  • Heuga 530 - Anthracite

Interface and IBM – a Worldwide Alliance Implementing the design ensures that cost effectiveness and sustainability are guaranteed. Efficient use of floor space by using Interface carpet tiles.

IBM explains that the quality of personal encounters does not just require new ways for employees to work together among themselves and with clients, but also new spaces and layouts.

Peter Oechsle, a qualified engineer who has worked as an architect with IBM for 18 years, believes that Interface carpet tiles have been an important element in furnishing the IBM building. For the last seven years, IBM has worked in collaboration with Interface worldwide through a global alliance agreement concluded in the USA.

Four years ago the German Interface team transformed the design of the large offices in Germany such as Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne in a straightforward and goal-oriented way. A total of around 120,000 sq m of floor area was covered with various different Interface products during the projects.

Aesthetic and practical aspects combined The furnishing designs for the training, conference and laboratory areas, and for the open spaces such as breakout zones and solutions area, developed from the carpeting. Even though it is one year since they were laid, the floor surfaces of IBM Forum in Stuttgart look immaculate, with no wear in heavy traffic areas, no problems with staining or lines of dust along the joins from the false floors. These are important aspects in a building which was designed as a representative platform to showcase the company.

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