Interface projects

Hotel Diana

Project specifications

Location: France
Installation m²: 780 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®

Products used

  • Entropy II - Myriad
  • Transformation Bark

A LITTLE TRIP ALONG THE WINE ROUTE… Home of history, tourism and wine, Molsheim, an ancient bishopric and university city, not to mention the birthplace of Bugatti cars, is a major centre in the Bas-Rhin area of Alsace, boasting a significant economic, social and cultural infrastructure. The city has successfully managed to preserve and develop the relics of its glorious past, with monuments such as the Hôtel de la Monnaie, the Metzig building, the Parc des Jésuites and the Musée de la Chartreuse each having found a new lease of life. It is, therefore, only natural that Molsheim should offer a wide variety of hotels to appeal to every visitor to this well-known tourist destination.

Let’s make the 3-star Hotel Diana our first stop. With its 60 hotel and studio rooms, meeting rooms and gourmet restaurant, Hotel Diana is the epitome of elegance and understatement. Its interior decor, which blends classical and modern design with artistic flourishes, lends it a pleasant and warm atmosphere. For an area of the floor, Mr & Mrs Baly, the owners of the hotel, decided on carpet tiles – Entropy to be specific – where the colour shades perfectly complement the hotel’s elegant and exclusive style, both for the restaurant and the bedrooms.

In addition, the advantages of this product – thanks to random installation – are all the more welcome in a hotel setting: no more batchmatching issues, easy maintenance as one tile can simply be replaced for another without having to re-lay the entire floor, fewer off-cuts and so on. Extreme resistance to heavy traffic was also an important selling point for Mr Baly as Hotel Diana holds a large number of seminars and business meetings, and so the corridors and lounge areas are subject to intensive use. Carpet tiling was therefore the ideal solution for these hotel owners, who also chose to use this in the Bugatti, another of their hotels in Molsheim. For this 2-star hotel, Mr & Mrs Baly decided on Transformation, a product comparable to Entropy but slightly lower in price. Transformation is also a random installation product and, just like Entropy, it forms part of the Cool Carpet carbon neutral service as standard (CO2 emissions emitted throughout the life cycle of the product are offset).

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