Interface projects

Grave Town Hall

Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 1,650 m²

Products used

  • Equilibrium
  • Palette 2000
  • Menagerie

The Town Hall in Grave is located in the new Zuidooster (Southeast) Complex, on the edge of Grave city centre. This building has first been used in 2008, and is made primarily of natural materials such as wood and stone and has a grass roof. A total of about 275 people work here. “Carpet tiles mean that the reflected noise has been substantially reduced.”

When we enter the main entrance of the Grave Town Hall, we are met by a natural stone floor. In the offices and meeting rooms, a deliberate choice has been made for Interface carpet tiles. The most important reason for opting for carpet here is the peace and quiet it brings with it. “Acoustic qualities are very important. Initially, the whole entrance area was fitted with a hard floor. The reflection of the noise in this space was so bad that our staff began to suffer with complaints such as headaches. Then, we decided to install carpet tiles over part of this area to substantially reduce the noise reflection, and that worked out well. The complaints have disappeared and people are agin enjoying their work”, explains Mr Van Ammelrooij, policy employee for Internal Affairs for the Grave municipality.

“The Interface carpet tiles render our facility a luxurious, chic appearance”
Ms Van Megen, Project Manager, Beijer Advies

“From a practical point of view, the choice went to carpet tiles”, explains Ms Van Megen, project manager at Beijer Advies and responsible, in collaboration with Bureau Bogaarts, for carrying out the interior design of the town hall. “We have chosen the Equilibrium product because of its vivid and lively structure which goes well with the wood panelling walls and the smooth plasterwork. In addition, the need to buy sustainable items and a high quality product played an important part in the decision-making process of the Grave municipality. The products and services from Interface meet those targets extremely well.”, according to Ms Van Megen.

The selected base colour also has a practical role in concealing dirt. In combination with the bright colours in the meeting rooms, this creates a pleasant contrast. “The Interface carpet tiles render our facility a luxurious, chic appearance. The carpet is of heavy project quality which we are still very happy with. The quality and appearance remain attractive. The modular character of this carpet also means that it is possible to replace a small piece on the spot, whenever that might be necessary. A pleasant thought, but so far not something we have actually needed to do.”, says Mr Van Ammelrooij.

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