Interface projects

ERGO Life Insurance Ltd

Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 40,000 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®, TacTiles™

Products used

  • Equilibrium

Just a stone’s throw from the city park is Europe’s  largest open-plan office where around 600  employees of the ERGO Group work. Built in the  early1970s, a five-year renovation phase is now  intended to reconcile its look, acoustics, efficiency  and sustainability. The choice of a sustainable floor  covering was self-evident, because the insurance  company is aiming to be CO2 neutral by 2015.  Equilibrium was laid over the entire 9,000m2 office  space. The use of 2 different colours give both  a unique visual effect and a uniform look to the  surface. In terms of practical implementation there  was enthusiasm for its modularity: simple to lay, little  cutting, low maintenance effort and direct access to  cable ducts in the suspended floor.

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