Interface projects

Envi Con

Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 11,700 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®

Products used

  • Urban Retreat Grass Flax
  • Urban Retreat Flex
  • Urban Retreat Grass
  • precious-ground

The six-storey Tullnau Carrée building provides high quality office space in a central location, presenting its tenants with a modern architectural look. On the exterior, the glass facade is punctuated with subtle coloured accents, giving the building a distinctive appearance. Inside, large work areas which can be individually designed combine aesthetics, sustainability and cost-efficiency. Urban Retreat and Precious Ground by Interface blend seamlessly into this design. The carpet tiles were chosen for their resource-efficient production process as well as their unusual design. The Cool Carpet® programme ensures that all CO2 emissions created in producing the product are offset. In addition, Urban Retreat is made from completely recycled nylon yarns. The Interlay underlay solution optimises the acoustic requirements in the open spaces.

© Photography: Headroom Photography, Jörg Bakschas

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