Interface projects

Citadels Moduli

Project specifications

Location: Latvia
Installation m²: 11,000 m²

Products used

  • Equilibrium - Solidity
  • Equilibrium - Contentment

The Citadeles Moduli in Riga designed by Gerkan, Marg & Partner (gmp) uses Interface carpet tiles.

The skyline of Riga’s old town is impressive andis protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.But when you get closer, the view has recentlyattracted a distinctive cube-shaped building.

From government department to state bank

A well known son of Riga, the architect Meinhard von Gerkan succeeded in convincing the authorities – after agreement with UNESCO – about his modern design for Riga. Building over the existing underground car park and creating a modern, contemporary building was not to be undertaken lightly. Then there was a change of use from government department to state bank.

Overcoming all the challenges, after 14 months it was time to undertake the interior work and the result was the most modern and multi-functional office building in the whole of the Baltics. The tenant needed the building to provide space for back office departments, reception halls and for heavily used “public” areas.

Aesthetics, sustainability and cost effectiveness

The floor covering also plays an important role in the interior design. As well as creative aspects within a defined corporate architecture, acoustic issues of modern architecture are now a relevant aspect in architectural planning. Consequently the “Equilibrium” looped carpet with its eye-catching linear structure – made from 100% solutiondyed BCF nylon – was laid on a total of 11,000 m².

All corridors of the open large-scale project were covered with red carpet tiles. The “Solidity” colour, like a spatial guidance system, shows the client the way to the consultant’s desk. On the other hand, the consulting and conference rooms appear inviting and soothing in an Interface shade of beige.

For the building’s user and planner, the seamless way the carpet tiles were laid was a determining factor, as was the Interface design. With no visible joins, the carpet tiles now blend in with the office building’s high-end interior design and so achieve the look of a high-quality 100% broadloom carpet. The reason is that Interface, who developed the carpet tile, have a unique patented construction on the underside, which defines the way the product lies and its quality is still unique in the market.

This also guarantees the dimensional stability of the tiles; because all the tiles are laid loosely they can easily and quickly be exchanged if necessary. The “Equilibrium” carpet tile thereby combines three important requirements of architects and designers – visual clarity, high durability, and economical partial renewal. The high degree of cost  effectiveness offered by Interface carpet tiles is a convincing argument for building owners and investors.

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