Interface projects

Alcatel-Lucent, Hoofddorp

Project specifications

Location: The Netherlands
Installation m²: 3,800 m²

Products used

  • Luxury Living
  • Blast FromThe Past

Although Alcatel and Lucent merged way back in 2006, both companies retained their own offices until 2012. With the creation of the head office in Hoofddorp, it was not just two companies which came together, but two different cultures that were blended.

For Lucent, the move meant primarily an enormous change from working in corners, moving to the new works. For the 450 employees Alcatel-Lucent created just 250 flexible workstations. Walls are made 90% of glass.

“Interface offers a nice range of colours for this in a luxury quality.”

“Warm and comfortable, those were the instructions we were given by Alcatel-Lucent”, says Arie Alderliesten. The interior designer of Pw-I, Karel van ’t Wout, and his colleagues Saskia Vrolijk and Karel van ‘t Wout were given carte blanche. “We used the floor colour as the starting point on each floor. Interface offers a good range of colours for this in a luxury quality. We chose strong colours such as blue, olive green and deep red. Dreary furniture from the old offices has been recycled by giving it a coat of a suitable colour. Open spaces are defined by a recognisable palette of different colours.”

“Interface offers a nice range of colours for this in a luxury quality”

“Use of colour to create a healthy tension”

Not everyone was ready to accept the new way of working. That is why firstly a tour through the new building has been organised. “When you come in, there is no boring reception area, but a reading table where you are made to feel welcome. On each floor, there are rooms with benches where you can sit in comfort and work in teams on a project. The reactions were enthusiastic. The use of colour, creating a comfortable atmosphere, creates a healthy tension: ‘green is my favourite colour, so I want to work on this floor!’.”

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