Interface projects

Fraunhofer: Centre for Virtual Engineering ZVE

Project specifications

Location: Germany
Installation m²: 3,400 m²

Sustainable services: Cool Carpet®, TacTiles™

Products used

  • Heuga 568
  • Vintage - Ornate, Ball Room
  • Superflor Primavera
  • X Loop
  • Heuga 530
  • consolidation
  • scribble

Impressive architecture on the outside, futuristic labs and offices on the inside – the Stuttgart Centre for Virtual Engineering (Stuttgarter Zentrum für Virtuelles Engineering, ZVE) radiates an intriguing innovative energy. This is where scientists develop the virtual reality technologies of tomorrow. In the unusual building, awarded the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) gold certificate, the signs of the future can also be seen in the choice of floor covering. Heuga 568 was used primarily producing an effect reminiscent of galaxies, with green, blue, yellow and orange accent yarns added to the base colour of grey. With their metallic look, the carpet tiles blend perfectly with the overall design and meet all sustainability requirements. Vintage Ornate, Consolidation, X-Loop, Scribble, Superflor and Heuga 530 can also be found in smaller areas.

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