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Royal HaskoningDHV

Project specificaties

Locatie: Nederland
Aantal m2: 7,200 m²

Duurzame diensten: Cool Carpet®, ReEntry®

“Circular Procurement goes beyond the end of life as it’s all about reducing the total impact on the environment as much as possible”
Rob Boogaard, CEO Interface EMEA

Green Deal Circular Procurement

For the second time a Green Deal Circular Procurement is completed.
The project described here concerns the circular procurement of carpet for Royal Haskoning DHV’s new offices in Nijmegen and The Hague and is a collaboration between Royal HaskoningDHV and Interface.
The Green Deal is initiated by MVO Nederland, The Circle Economy, NEVI, PIANOo and is supported by the Dutch Government. Royal HaskoningDHV and Interface are both members of Green Deal. Members have committed themselves to close two Green Deal Circular Procurement deals in 2015, as opposed to linear procurement, that is: buy new – use – throw away.

Besides Royal HaskoningDHV and Interface the Green Deal Circular Procurement was signed by ABN AMRO, ASR, Dura Vermeer, Gemeente Amersfoort, Gemeente Amsterdam, Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gemeente Utrecht, ING, KPN, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken/Rijksoverheid, Provincie Utrecht, TBI Holdings, UMC Utrecht, Verstegen Spices & Sauces and Waternet.

More information on Green Deal Circular Procurement can be found here.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international engineering and project management consultancy with over 130 years of experience. Their professionals deliver services in the fields of aviation, buildings, energy, industry, infrastructure, maritime, mining, transport, urban and rural planning and water. Backed by the expertise and experience of nearly 7,000 colleagues across the world, we work for public and private clients in more than 130 countries.


Interface is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tiles with 6 plants and more than 40 offices and showrooms across the globe. The company stands for design as a way of thinking on an organizational level across all aspects of the business and as an aesthetic credo for their products. At the heart of everything lies Mission Zero: this is their vision of becoming totally sustainable – and ultimately restorative – by 2020.


Circular Procurement

Within this circular procurement project Royal HaskoningDHV has selected  Interface to supply carpet tiles that fits best with the Green Deal principles.  Interface produces carpet tiles and is committed to reclaim and recycle as  much end-of-life products as possible. This means that the carpet tiles are  made of recycled materials and designed for re-use (in other offices), the  tiles are used in the re-entry (basic materials are used to manufacture new  tiles in the Interface facilities) or used for re-covery (burned in cement  facilities while its remains are used as material in the cement).

The project is part of the Interface’s ReEntry® programme and in this case  it includes returning the carpet tiles to Interface when not used in the office  anymore. The ReEntry programme determines whether the carpet tiles can  be re-used after cleaning for other projects, can be used as raw material for  new tiles or are incinerated, after which the remains are used as filler in the  cement industry.

The ReEntry® programme gives us the certainty that the lifetime of all raw  materials is as long as possible. However, circular procurement extends  beyond the end of life of the product. In the end it’s all about minimising the  environmental impact as much as possible. That’s why Royal Haskoning  has selected products that contain recycled raw materials and/or has a  minimal use of materials.

Learning process

Working with circular procurement is an enlightening process. For instance  we’ve learnt that the yarns need to be ordered well in advance by the  manufacturer to prevent shipping them by plane as this has a huge  negative impact on the environment.

We’ve also experienced that it is difficult to determine prices for recycling  at the end of the life cycle as we do not know how long we will use our  offices or how the recycling techniques and legislation will develop. This  last point is particularly important regarding recycling in other countries,  something that is quite difficult at the moment. Now these agreements  between the supplier and manufacturer are mainly based on ‘good will’.

Something else we’ve learnt during the process is another way of installing  the floor by using TacTiles. These are small adhesive squares developed  by Interface. When placing the TacTiles underneath the carpet tiles you  can fix them firmly to each other. When using TacTiles the carpet tiles are  not glued to the floor, it virtually eliminates the VOCs, there is no need for  a costly clean-up of the sub floor and the tiles are much easier to recycle  after use.

“This is a highly sustainable project with satisfied users who don’t even realize they work on a sustainable floor”
Helms van der Vegte, Royal HaskoningDHV


Together with Interface Royal HaskoningDHV evaluated  the different options for cleaning and maintenance as well.  The environmental impact of cleaning – viewed over a  period of 10 years – is as big as that of the production of  the tiles themselves. However, regular and good maintenance  and a clean working environment extends the  lifetime of the product. Interface works together with  specialised partners that minimise the use of water,  energy and chemicals.

Despite the fact that Royal HaskoningDHV agreed not  to compensate CO2 emissions Interface gave them a  Cool Carpet® certificate. The Cool Carpet programme  was introduced by Interface in 2005 and is standard on  products that offer the best environmental credentials.  The certificate shows the quantity of carbon offsets  Royal HaskoningDHV has participated in with the carpet  tiles ordered.

Interface does all it can to reduce greenhouse gas  emissions during the entire life cycle of their products  in order to be fully sustainable in all aspects of their  operations. That’s why they also invest in sustainable  and social programmes all over the world.

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